Knowing What Tracks Music Libraries Are Looking For

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know what kind of music Music Libraries were looking for and, even better, to be able to do that without even asking them?

With the Music Library I co-own, you’d be surprised how little we’re asked what kind of music we’re looking for. Most people just send a “here’s what I do” link. Now, I’m not knocking that: it’s great to have a niche and to even get Music Libraries thinking down different avenues to what they have. If what you do is great, we’ll always want to hear it.

However, not all Libraries are going to be looking for those tracks you’re sending out. So let me introduce you to a simple technique. In fact, it’s painfully simple and obvious. Yet hardly anyone seems to be using this method to figure out exactly what kind of music to start pitching and to whom.

Check out the short video below to discover this simple, no-brainer method to get pro-active with your submissions to Music Libraries and send them music they actually need.


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