What 80% Of Aspiring Production Music Composers Overlook

There is a thing, that 80% of composers that are trying to get their music into Music Libraries overlook.

If you’re trying to get Production Music placed into Music Libraries yourself and you overlook this one aspect, most Music Libraries are unlikely to take your tracks. Even if they do accept them, you’re usually going to get much less in terms of placement from their clients than if you pay attention to it.

All is explained in the video below!



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    Robert Else

    There’s no excuse for not doing this homework, with YouTube, TuneFind, BDSRadio and others at your fingertips. Or the shows themselves. Or the TAXI reference listings. Good reminder, Michael.

    1. Michael Kruk Post
      Michael Kruk

      Absolutely Robert! And great references there for checking out music for Film and TV – good shout!

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    Michael Cirasuolo

    Michael two obvious mistakes I was making before I took your coarse was not listening to any examples outside of the brief This was narrowing down my understanding and focus of the Genre they were looking for “Being on Target” And the second was over writing I still have a problem with people talking over my music lol- Thanks to the coarse what may seem so obvious I needed to hear-

    Mike Cirasuolo
    Writer Composer

    1. Michael Kruk Post
      Michael Kruk

      Hey Mike!

      Great points. Definitely worth listening to some music outside of each brief as well as reference tracks. Plus, great that you’re even considering voiceover application – lots of folks don’t!

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    Ron Schultz

    Fantastic! very helpful

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