How To Seamlessly Integrate Melodic Loops Into Your Tracks

Ever bought a sample pack with melodic loops, only to find that the performances are locked to a specific tempo?

In those situations, you can often find that writing a track around those loops can be the easiest way forward. You need it to feel natural and not that the melodic loop was forced into the track.

So what’s a great technique to make this approach feel even more natural, and not that the melodic loop was forced into the track?

Counter melodies.

A counter melody is a melodic phrase used alongside or inbetween an existing melody, and they are used pretty much everywhere in melodic film and TV scores.

There’s an effective, but simple, technique to ensure an effective counter melody around an existing melody, (or even using a melodic loop as a counter melody, and then writing your main melody around that – an often overlooked method.)

Below is an example taken from a track walk-through from the Library Music That Sells course. It shows how I used a melodic loop from a sample pack and then used a counter melody to make the loop feel natural within it’s setting.



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