How To Layer Drums And Percussion That Breathe

We all agree that TV and Film music needs to breathe. It often needs a rich, full sound whilst simultaneously staying out of the way for voiceover or sound effects. This is not an area of music production where you want to suffer from an overly-busy or cluttered end result!

Layering your Percussion (with or without Drum Kit in there too), can end up one of the places where instruments quickly start to take up sonic space, and all too often your track immediately starts to sound cluttered. 

Check out the tutorial video below, where I run you through a couple of the tips and techniques I use to keep my Drum and Percussion tracks both on point for the genre, as well as thick and full…

…without things starting to sound cluttered and over-busy.

(It’s taken from the “Library Music That Sells” course, where we’ve added a “Production Vault” module to help you produce Production Music that will get licensed over and over. Click the courses tab above to learn more. Enjoy!)


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