Four Key Tips When Emailing Music Libraries

I recently added a big section to the Library Music Thats Sells course all about emailing Music Libraries. From that rather substantial video I’ve sliced out a few of those points that I’d like to share with you here.

In amongst these tips are the importance of subject lines, (including options that perk interest and common subject lines to definitely avoid.) I’ll also address other commonly asked questions, such as:


How long should my introductory email be?


Should I list my music industry experience, such as gigs I’ve played, etc. even if it’s not necessarily in the Library Music field?


What if I get no reply? How long do I leave before emailing again and what do I write at that point?




…what kind of emails should you be writing to Music Libraries once you do get an “in” (and have now worked with them), in order to keep that contact warm and active?

I’ll go through all of these points in the below video. Hope you enjoy it!



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    1. Michael Kruk Post
  2. Avatar
    Kyle Sutton

    This is tremendously helpful. It’s not often you get these tips direct from a library owner. Thanks, Michael!

  3. Michael Kruk Post
    Michael Kruk

    A pleasure, Kyle! Glad you found it helpful!

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    Phil Hunt

    Thanks for sharing this insider information….I must admit, I am making all the mistakes you mentioned in the video. :/

    1. Michael Kruk Post
      Michael Kruk

      Well that’s great, Phil! That way, you should experience the greatest positive shift when you alter those approaches! It’s all good! 🙂

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