Create Thick, Unique Bass Sounds

We happily spend time layering up Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards and Percussion, but when was the last time you layered up the Bass in your tracks? Yup, thought so!  😉


Below is a video guide on how (and why) to start layering up Bass in your music to get some interesting results that can make your piece stand out from the competition. The aim here is to get a full bass sound that has a fresher sound than your run-of-the-mill bass options for the genre, (Pop Rock, in this case.)


All this without the need for tinkering with effects, (though if you want to do that after, go for it!)



This video is taken from the “Library Music That Sells” course production vault, click on the “Courses” tab above or more info on this course and how to get 3 free lessons.

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