ALWAYS Include a Breakdown: Rule Or Myth?

This post is super short. It’s also very important if you’re writing Production Music.


I had a great email this week from a composer who has taken the “Library Music That Sells” course and watched the recently added “Deep Dive” video walk-through of one of my tracks that has done well for me regarding placements.

Here was his question:


“Are breakdowns something we should ALWAYS have in our tracks across all genres?”


Great question.

So no, you don’t strictly need a track to have a breakdown for it to be usable. I’ve written Library Music without breakdowns in that have done well for me and, of course, you might put a breakdown in a track only for the editors of a show not to actually need or use that section at all.


…and it’s a big but…

…if you can musically put one in, then most definitely do it.


Let This Mantra Be Your Guide


I’d think of it more overall as a mindset when you’re approaching writing a Library Music track. By that, I mean that the question you should be asking yourself is, “How could I approach and develop this track in a way that is of most use to the people editing my music to a show?”

The above question is GOLD when it comes to writing Library Music.


Remember, you’re not writing this track for you, or even for it to be listened to as a stand alone entity. You’re creating something to be easily synced to what’s going on to picture.


For some tracks, that’s a constant build, layer by layer. Others suit a breakdown. Some both. If you can musically get a little breakdown section in, always do that! Its all about you giving them options.


We cover a whole bunch of those options (not just breakdowns!) in the Library Music That Sells course. Plus. I walk you through the most successfully licensed tracks that I (and other pro composers) have written, to really give you insight into ideas you can apply immediately into your own writing. Click on the courses tab above for more info.



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    Nigel Alker

    Hello Michael,

    Many thanks for your mail, I’ve read with interest. I’ve got my own library (uk / PRS based) and I was wondering if you would be interested in viewing / exploring my site for some valuable feedback, it would be appreciated very much. Any feedback positive & negative is good for me as I’ve put everything into it over the years.
    If you would and if not, then please let me know AS THE HARDEST THING TO DO IS TO GET A LISTEN.

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your feedback and consideration, best regards
    Nigel Alker.

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