Adding Magic To Track Breakdowns

Breakdowns are often important elements to a library track, but how do you give your breakdown just a little bit of background sparkle and magic? When done well, it’s a lovely trick, even if you’re not going for a magical angle – it just adds a nice element of sonic interest that can set you apart from the pack.

Let me give you a little “just add water” recipe for just that. I use this loads!

It’s a cool, simple combination of 3 instruments/samples I love to use together in my library tracks, (and bespoke TV scoring tracks too), to add some subtle sparkle behind breakdown sections. It operates as a high drone, and also works extremely well in any small scale or emotive setting too.

It’s one of the hundreds of goodies inside the production vault module of the “Library Music That Sells” course! Enjoy!



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  2. Michael Kruk Post
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    Thanks Michael. It really does add some fairy dust that’s effective without getting in the way.

    1. Michael Kruk Post

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